About ITS

ITS_logo_35x35 International Trade Services Ltd. (ITS) is Estonian incorporated M&A advisory, broker and business development firm, cross-operating in Baltics and Nordics. Company was founded by Estonian Trade Council and Mr. Tambet Made in 2005 to assist and serve Estonian companies in cross-border acquisition transactions. ITS joined international M&A networks and established cooperation relations with other foreign M&A houses, as in Latvia Bizon Broker SIA, in Lithuania Investment House UAB, in Finland MBO Partners OY, in Sweden Svensk Företagsförmedling AB and Swedbank Företagsförmedling AB, in China Shanghai M&A Club. ITS provides company brokering services as well as business valuation, due diligence, deal financing and legal/tax advisory, all what you need for making profitable business ownership transaction. ITS is long time player in international business development and market intelligent services in cooperation with partners in Baltics, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Malta, HongKong and China. In 2016 partnership with Francorp Baltic SIA, Mr. Arturs Beiers, was initiated to provide franchise development and sale services throughout Baltic market.

ITS_logo_35x35  The founder and managing partner of ITS, Mr. Tambet Made, has been former Chairman of the Board of Estonian Trade Council (current national organization of International Chamber of Commerce – ICC Estonia); CFO of TEA Publishing AS; shareholder of different Estonian and foreign trading companies (Stockholms Glass & Kristall AB, Luumera AS, Mara Partner AS); managing partner of industrial companies Saltöbatar AB and Svensk Batförmedling AB; employed as project manager in business consultancy firm SICO AB. Mr. Made is certified at various courses in Estonia, Sweden, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Hong Kong. Mr. Made holds a personal practical experience in commercial trading, management of industrial processing, business development, financial management. Tambet Made is lecturer, author of articles and books, speaker in business valuation, due diligence, company brokering, ownership planning and international trade.

ITS_logo_35x35  There are two assistant employees in ITS and 9 cooperation partners in 8 countries.