e-Land Register

The e-Land Register is a one-of-a-kind web application that contains information of all ownership relationship and limited real rights of real estates and land parcels. Currently, there are 1.003.946 immovables in the Land Register.

A critical tool for the real-estate market, it provides total transparency; listing the registered owner of each property holding, showing the property boundaries and providing other information that potential buyers would need to know.

Records information contain:

– Cadastral information – this includes: address, area, purpose of land

– Ownership relations

– Encumbrances, restrictions, rights of use, other notations

– Mortgage information

The system has transformed the way property transactions are carried out in Estonia, eliminating the need to visit a public office and spend hours waiting for a civil servant to search records. This paper-free system has reduced the process time for land transactions from up to three months to as little as 8 days.

Businesses benefit from the security of having instant access to land titles and the ability to confirm ownership with a few clicks of the mouse.

Paired with a geographical information system (GIS), the electronic land register delivers real-time geographical data through the X-road, enabling advanced map-based visualizations that power many of the location-based services in Estonia.

source: e-estonia.com