The e-Law system is the Estonian Ministry of Justice’s online database for draft legislation.

More properly called the Electronic Coordination System for Draft Legislation, it allows the public to access every piece of draft law that has been submitted since February 2003.

Readers can see who submitted the legislation, its status, and the changes made to it as it passed through the parliamentary process.

Once an act becomes law, it is published in the online State Journal, another searchable database that acts as an open legal library.

A similar system used by Tallinn’s City Council makes it possible to follow all council sessions online, while city legislation and other documents are available on the municipal homepage.

Projects such as these create an unprecedented level of transparency in the state, cut down on corruption, and encourage citizens to take an active interest in legislative affairs.

To increase international and business cooperation, almost 500 different legal acts have now been translated from Estonian into English. The four-year project was completed in 2014. Since then, people from 185 different countries have viewed the translated laws. The laws can be found at the Riigi Teataja website. Riigi Teataja

source: e-estonia.com