Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisory services in ITS

ITS provides buy and sell side representation and advice on range of transactions including mergers, acquisitions, sales, divestitures, exits, takeovers, management buyouts and other corporate ownership operations.

Acquiring a business
Considering to buy established company or a share, invest to Baltic companies or participate in Baltic private equity transactions?


ITS_logo_35x35 We are business brokers and advisers in all types of M&A transactions and business ownership schemes.

Target group formation
Contacting and background research
Analyses, due diligence`s, valuations
Deal structuring
Deal financing structuring
Deal leadership and management
Post acquisition integration

ITS_logo_35x35 Acquisition side services will be provided by ITS partners and organized accordingly.

Legal expertise
Audit expertise
Industry expertise
Environmental expertise
IT expertise
Banking and financial expertise

Selling or divesting a business
Considering to sell you business or exit from it? New challenges or forced situations? Generation shift or entering new markets?

Sale and exit
Split, release and separation
Generation shift and family companies
Minority shareholding issues

ITS_logo_35x35 We are advisers, brokers and coordinators in all types of exit and business ownership transactions.

Pre sale preparations
Pre sale due diligence (books, contracts, documents, commercial)
Appraisal advise
Sale price formation
Sale materials and data formation
Strategy formation
Process management
Market competence
Negotiation support
Deal surveillance
Earn out monitoring

Considering any business ownership or M&A transaction? Positionings between shareholders? Group and members valuations? Family wealth valuation?

Company valuation
Business valuation
Minority ownership valuation
Book value appraisal
Assets and goodwill valuation

ITS_logo_35x35 We valuing and appraising companies, their market position, their commercial operations, their assets and property. Companies, divisions, shares, goodwill. ITS uses internationally approved and own created methods.

Valuation for acquisition and disposal transactions
Valuation in reorganizing ownership structures
Intra Group valuations
Book value comparison with possible market value
Valuation for split and merger transactions
Valuation for intra family transactions