Market Intelligence and Entry services

Market Intelligence provided by ITS is the set of activities that gives a view of a market using existing sources of information to understand what is happening in a market place, what the issues are, what competitors are doing, what customers or consumers are doing (eg media, social media) and what the likely market potential is for new products or services based on previous activities and responses.

For your decision-making in expansion, entry or development operations. We cover following markets: Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), Finland, Sweden. All ITS market intelligence services are carried out by each market local partners. Persons with personal business background, with knowledge of market, with experience in many different business fields and mainly with contacts and networking capabilities.

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ITS_logo_35x35 Background check

ITS_logo_35x35 Market and media monitoring

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ITS_logo_35x35 Local partner search and verification

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Market Entry
ITS Partner Search Program has been developed over 15 years according to the needs of our clients and as the most effective operating model. Also all kind of individual approach is equally possible.

ITS Partner Search Program (PSP)

– Market targeting and options
– Long list
– Short list
– Contacts and promotions
– Attracting and setting up personal meetings with decision makers
– Yes – list
– No – list
– Prospect – list